Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Cuffs and a Trip Up the Coast

It's been a fun and exciting week!

As you can see, I'm posting about some of my jewelry for the first time.   This first cuff is just first bead embroidery cuff! 

My inspiration came from the beautiful glass cabochon made by my talented friend, Allison Byrd of Vortex Glassworks.  The deep glass cab reminded me so much of a sea anemone in a tidepool on a sunny day.

I'm very fortunate to have learned the beaded bezel cabochon technique from another talented artist, Kelly Angeley (Kelly Angeley Beadologie). Kelly has been my beading mentor for several years and is a true inspiration in both beadwork design and execution.   I was also fortunate to have Nicole Campanella of Beadwright give me tips on  attaching the beaded embroidery to the leather lining.  Now, if I can only get some tips on taking better photographs!

Next, I want to share with you the second bead embroidery cuff I've made.  This piece was designed for a special friend who graduated high school in June.  It has five small glass cabochon that wrap around the cuff encased in blue and purple seed beads and a few fire polish beads.  This was a special project for a very special young lady.

Personally, I can see this bracelet with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket.  What do you think?  The beaded embroidery is attached to a black leather lining over a flexible brass cuff.  It only took a couple of projects for me to become hooked on bead embroidery.  As with most beading techniques I've learned, I would just as soon be doing bead embroidery as just about anything.  Fortunately, I have a tolerant husband, although we joke about his having brought a friend home to visit while I was beading, and when my husband asked, "What's for dinner?", I responded with, "Dinner, what do you mean dinner?  Don't you remember that I feed you yesterday!"  That's a joke, but very close to the truth, smile.
Speaking of my tolerant husband, this past Wednesday we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.  It had been awhile since we had been to the Northern Oregon coast, so we took a drive to the Cape Mears and Tillamook areas.  It is undoubtedly some of the most rugged and scenic country to be found anywhere.  Fall is my favorite season on the Oregon coast and Wednesday was a perfect day.  We started our journey with fog hoovering right over the surf and a couple groups of pelicans gliding over the waves.  By the time we reached Tillamook, we had sunshine and temperatures in the high 70's.  Perfect, right?  To entice you more, I'm including some pictures from the Cape Mears lighthouse and the surrounding ocean.  I feel so blessed to live in such incredible country.

Vaya con dios!

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