Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sharon's Cuff

With so much going on this time of year with Thanksgiving just past and Christmas and a new year looming ahead, I find it difficult to keep track of everything I want to get done...or maybe it's an age thing (I am facing a new decade in the next few weeks, smile).  Anyway, before I let it go by without commenting, I just want to share with you the generosity of my friend, Sharon.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to Sharon that members of my extended family had lost their home to a fire.  With the exception of Mark's set of golf clubs, they lost all their personal belongings.  Yes, there is good news as both Mark and Vienna survived the fire and their insurance will cover their home and some of their lost property.  It's what wasn't covered that brings me to share this blog.   Vienna is beading and all of her supplies were lost in the fire.  I decided to send a "care package" of beading goodies and I asked Sharon if she would be interested in contributing to the package.  Was she ever!!  Sharon's generosity was amazing and Vienna was thrilled to receive a box stuffed with beads, tools and  other beading goodies.  So, I decided I wanted to show Sharon my appreciation and, since beading is my favorite art form, you guessed thank you gift was this embroidered cuff.

Inspiration for this piece came from two directions.  First, Sharon loves and looks beautiful in blues, so the color scheme came easy.  Secondly, in my stash I found the intriguing center focal bead, a dichroic glass cabochon in deepest blue from the very talented Allison Byrd of Vortex Glassworks.

There are two additional dichroic glass cabs, one on either side of the center.  These cabs have a mosaic pattern in blues, lavender, purples and teal.  They began their life as links in another bracelet, but they seem to have been made especially for this cuff.


Kind of a fuzzy shot of the flatwork detail on one side.

I love being a part of the local beading scene here on the Oregon Coast.  So many talented and very generous friends....thank you Sharon.  I can't help but feel blessed, especially as Christmas approaches.


  1. Beautiful bead work you are creating. Not sure if I like the orange one or this recent blue one the best, both are gorgeous.

    Welcome to blog land! I know you will enjoy it and meet many unexpected friends. Your Gracie is sure cute!

  2. Debbie, I don't know what I would do if I lost all of my beads in a fire. Wow. I would like to donate a $100 gift certificate to my shop now at Lily's. I will tell Lily about it and you can come in and shop for her okay?